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Agenda set for G20 Task Force on Employment

Senior employment officials from each of the G20 member countries came together in Sydney on 5 and 6 February for the first meeting of the G20 Task Force on Employment in 2014.

Promoting stronger economic growth and employment outcomes is one of the key themes that will help structure leaders’ discussions in Australia’s G20 presidency year. The G20 Task Force on Employment is a focal point for dialogue and information sharing on employment issues. Topics discussed at the task force’s first meeting included challenges and strategies for boosting workforce participation, and local jobs creation. Officials shared best practice strategies and discussed the development of policy principles and recommendations to put forward to G20 Labour and Employment Ministers.

The task force also set the agenda for the year ahead, including the creation of country-specific employment plans. Each member country committed to develop their own plan, which will set out practical actions to address employment issues. Task force members were joined by members of the International Labour Organisation, the OECD, the World Bank, and representatives from the five official G20 engagement groups—representing business, labour, civil society, international think-tanks and youth.

They also took part in site visits on 7 February to experience some innovative local employment projects first-hand.

The task force will meet twice more this year, ahead of the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers meeting, expected to take place in September.

Read a summary of meeting outcomes and the Agenda for the G20 Task Force on Employment on the Department of Employment website.

G20 Task Force on Employment meeting with members of engagement groups.


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