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G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group Asset Recovery Guides

The G20 Asset Recovery Guides provide guidance on how any country can request the assistance of G20 countries in the identification, seizure and return of proceeds of corruption. The G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2013-2014 Action Plan, endorsed by G20 leaders in 2012, commits G20 members to "strengthen international cooperation to assist our own and others' efforts to tackle corruption and bribery and facilitate asset recovery'.

G20 countries, led by Australia, have developed practical, step by step guides to asset recovery in corruption matters to implement this commitment. The G20 Asset Recovery Guides demonstrate G20 leadership to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against corruption and build on the work already carried out by the G8 in the Country Guides for Asset Recovery.

Step-by-step Guide for Asset Recovery (by country)

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