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Working with partners

G20 members recognise that public input is crucial to the success of the G20’s work to lift economic growth and increase employment opportunities. To facilitate this, five engagement groups have been established to advise and inform the G20’s decisions. These groups are the Business 20 (B20), Civil Society 20 (C20), Labour 20 (L20), Think 20 (T20) and Youth 20 (Y20).

The involvement of these groups in the G20’s work has grown over the years, reflecting the reality that recovery from the global financial crisis requires action from across society. In their 5th Anniversary Vision Statement in September 2013, G20 leaders said they would strengthen engagement with the B20, C20, L20, T20 and Y20. Australia is taking forward this vision during its G20 presidency.

For more information about the engagement groups and how they are working with the presidency, see the quick links on the right.

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Engagement Groups