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For Volunteers

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott launched the G20 Volunteer Program on 27 April 2014. The launch marked the commencement of recruitment for up to 700 volunteer positions to support the delivery of the G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane on 15-16 November 2014.

The G20 Taskforce received many applications for the Volunteer Program. The response to the expression of interest highlighted the enthusiasm among Australians to assist in delivering an important event for Australia.

The recruitment for the G20 volunteer program is now complete and the volunteers have been appointed to their roles. The volunteer group have expressed their enthusiasm and commitment to the Program and have undergone a thorough recruitment process facilitated through Volunteering Queensland and completed the accreditation process to now become a G20 volunteer.  

We welcome the volunteers to the Program.  Volunteers will shortly commence training in preparation for the Leaders’ Summit.

Further information on the Volunteer Program and recruitment process is available in the Volunteers Fact Sheet, the Volunteering FAQs or by contacting Volunteering Queensland.

The G20 Taskforce has been gratified by the response from Australians keen to be involved in the G20 Summit. Thank you to everyone who applied to be a G20 Volunteer.

What is the purpose of the volunteer program? 

Whilst the Australian Government is working closely with the Queensland Government to deliver the G20 Leaders' Summit, we need a little extra help from members of the Australian public.

Like many major events, volunteers will be essential to the success of the G20 Leaders' Summit. That is why the G20 Taskforce, in partnership with the Volunteering Queensland, is in the process of recruiting up to 700 dedicated volunteers to assist us.

Why volunteer at the G20 Summit? 

Volunteers will…

  • make a direct contribution to successfully deliver the G20 for world leaders
  • be part of the most significant meeting of world leaders Australia has hosted
  • be the friendly face of Australia and a part of a team that will showcase Brisbane, Queensland and Australia to the world
  • enhance the reputation of Australia’s ability to host a world class event.

Volunteering will provide an opportunity to…

  • work in an exciting, high profile environment
  • achieve a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment
  • meet new people, make new friendships, interact and connect
  • work as part of a large collegiate team
  • enjoy new experiences and enhance your skills
  • showcase your strengths
  • undertake interesting challenges.

Who are the G20 volunteers?

G20 Volunteers are members of the Australian public who have the time, dedication and enthusiasm to volunteer to assist in the delivery of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Volunteers have a set of core values that guide the conduct of the program and create a unified team with a common ethos.

G20 Volunteers will be the FACE of the Summit…

  • Friendly – approachable, understanding, culturally sensitive, gracious and hospitable.
  • Adaptable – flexible, calm, proactive and reactive.
  • Committed – professional, hard-working, collaborative, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Enthusiastic – helpful, passionate, encouraging and positive.

All G20 Volunteers must be Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents.

What roles will the volunteers perform?

Volunteers have been recruited to perform specific roles including:

Accreditation Assistants

  • These volunteers will work with the Taskforce Accreditation Officers to move accredited delegates and media within the venues and assist with the daily operations of the Main Accreditation Centre and other accreditation desks located at various venues.

Hotel Assistants

  • Hotel Assistants will work with the G20 Taskforce to provide exceptional customer service to G20 delegates at designated hotels. Hotel Assistants will support the provision of friendly and professional hospitality services to G20 delegates, welcoming them and providing information, assistance and directions as required.

Media Assistants

  • Media Assistants will work in the International Media Centre (IMC).These volunteers will help on the Media Information Desks, assisting with escorting journalists to and from media events and providing general information and administrative support in the IMC.

Pool Vehicle Driver

  • The Pool Vehicle Driver will work with the G20 Taskforce to support the operational transport requirements of the Taskforce between a variety of G20 venues including the BCEC, Hotels, Airport and Workforce Park and Ride.

Transport Assistants

  • Transport Information Assistants will be based at designated hotels, the international and domestic airports or venue help-desks to provide information, assistance and direction as required.

Volunteer Assistants

  • Volunteer Assistants will assist in ensuring that the volunteers have a positive experience during the Summit by welcoming the volunteers for the start and end of their shift. The Volunteer Assistants will provide guidance and support to volunteers at assigned venues. 

What are the requirements and commitments of  G20 volunteer?

There are certain requirements that all applicants must meet in order to become a G20 volunteer. All volunteers must:

  • be over 18 on or before 15 July 2014
  • be an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident
  • be willing to provide one referee report, either professional or character, with contact details of the referee in case further questions are necessary
  • undertake the G20 accreditation process
  • commit to at least six shifts between 10 and 17 November 2014 and should be prepared to work irregular hours including weekends and public holidays. Shifts may start early in the morning or finish late at night.

As a volunteer you must attend three mandatory training sessions to ensure you have the correct information to carry out your role. All volunteers must be available to attend the following:


Dates Duration

Orientation session

End of July

1- 2 hours

General induction and role-specific training


1 day

Uniform and accreditation collection

Early November

30 minutes - 2 hours

Venue specific training

Early November

Half day

G20 Leaders' Week

10-17 November*

7-10 days

Post event debriefing session (not mandatory)

November, post-summit

Half day

* Some volunteers will be required to work outside of these dates from late October 2014.

Key Contacts

Volunteering Queensland:

Phone: (07) 3002 7600
Email: events@volunteeringqld.org.au

Engagement Groups