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Brisbane CBD

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Road closures

Road closures will be in place around the Brisbane CBD from Tuesday 11 November and over the summit long weekend. Remember to plan your trip and allow extra time ahead of your journey and where possible use public transport, cycle or walk. The known impacts to roads at this point in time are below. Details are subject to change, so check back regularly for maps and updates.



Due to motorcade movements between Friday 14 November and Sunday 16 November some roads within the Brisbane CBD as well as some of the entry ramps from the Riverside Expressway may be closed for up to an hour. Alternative access routes into the Brisbane CBD will be clearly signed when closures are in place.

Closures from 12:01am Tuesday 11 November to 5:00am Monday 17 November:

  • Adelaide Street: Closed in-bound between Ivory Street and Queen Street. Out-bound traffic will operate as normal.
  • Ivory Street: Closed in-bound between Brunswick Street and Ann Street and Story Bridge and Ann Street. Out bound traffic will operate as normal.
  • Queen Street: One lane closed in-bound, from the intersection of Adelaide and Queens Streets for approximately 100 metres. Out-bound traffic will operate as usual.

Closures from 7:00pm Thursday 13 November to 5:00am Monday 17 November:

  • Alice Street, Ann Street, Roma Street, Turbot Street and Edward Street: Lane closures with through traffic permitted.
  • Victoria Bridge: Closed to traffic, pedestrian access maintained on the northside. Cyclists are encouraged to use Kurilpa Bridge.
  • William Street/North Quay: Closed between Ann and Margaret Streets.
  • Queens Wharf Road: Exit and entry via William Street will be closed, access will be available from the south.
  • Adelaide Street: Closed between George Street and North Quay.
  • Howard Street: Closed at Macrossan Street, with exception to vehicles displaying a valid Local Access Pass.

Closures from 12:01am Saturday 15 November to 11:59pm Sunday 16 November:

  • Queen Street: Closed in-bound between Ann Street and Wharf Street
  • Queen Street: Closed out-bound between Wharf Street and Adelaide Street
  • Adelaide Street: Closed out-bound between Macrossan Street and Queen Street. Note: This results in a full road closure given in-bound closure from Tuesday 11 November.

Closures from 5:00pm to 11:59pm Saturday 15 November:

  • William Jolly Bridge: Closed to southbound traffic.

Some streets will have restricted access in the way of “local access only”. The following will have local access from 12:01am Tuesday 11 November to 5:00am Monday 17 November.  

  • Macrossan Street: Local access only between Ann Street and cul-de-sac of Macrossan Street south of Howard Street (no permit required). 




There will be reduced on-street parking in the Brisbane CBD. Parking changes will be implemented from Sunday 9 November with significantly reduced parking from 7:00pm Thursday 13 November through to 5.00am Monday 17 November.

It is expected that all commercial off-street car parks in the Brisbane CBD will operate as usual over the long weekend.

Download the Brisbane CBD brochure.

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