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Media Registration

Media registration will only be available for certain G20 meetings and events. All media representatives wishing to cover these select events during Australia’s G20 host year must apply for official accreditation.

To apply for accreditation media representatives will be required to submit personal details, copies of identification documents, a Letter of Assignment from a media organisation and a suitable photograph. International media will be required to apply for an Australian visa.

Media accreditation will be granted to individuals who represent media organisations (including photographers, sound and camera crews and technical staff). Freelance journalists and photographers will be required to provide evidence that they are on assignment from a media organisation.


It is important that media register for accreditation via the online accreditation portal as early as possible and then apply for their visa. Accreditation will only be confirmed once the applicant has an approved visa.

Media should first register for accreditation and then follow the link to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for further information and to identify the relevant and correct visa application process.

  • If you are attending the G20 as an independent journalist, correspondent or reporter for an overseas news organisation and will not be taking part in film, television or other productions that will be shown in Australia you should apply for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (Subclass 400).
  • Media and film staff broadcasting G20 events or participating in commercials, documentaries or other television or radio productions that will be shown in Australia should apply for the Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (Subclass 420).

Note: These visas apply to media representatives working both behind and in front of the camera ie. reporters and camera crews.



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Media Registration

15-16 November

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15 July 2014

21 October 2014
17:00 AEST

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