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Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions


What information is required on the Official Letter of Assignment?

The letter of assignment is an official letter issued by the media representative’s organisation and should be on company letterhead. It should include the applicant/s full name and role and confirm that the applicant is bona fide media assigned to cover G20 Australia 2014. The letter should be signed by a Senior Editor or equivalent and include the signatory's contact details.

I’m a freelance journalist/photographer. Can I request accreditation?

If media registration is available for the relevant G20 meeting, freelance journalists/photographers are able to request accreditation. They must provide an Official Letter of Assignment from a media organisation to verify that they are on assignment specifically to cover G20 2014. All other requirements (proof of identification etc.) are applicable to freelancers.

My organisation would like to register and manage our representatives as a group, is this possible?

We are able to establish a dedicated media accreditation officer in your organisation to register your organisation’s attendees. This option is available if you wish to register more than 10 media personnel for one meeting. Please contact g20accreditation-media@pmc.gov.au for further information.

Residents and businesses

What if a resident needs to access the restricted/closed areas in Brisbane?

There may be a requirement for a limited number of residents and businesses in the immediate area of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to be provided with vehicle access at certain times during the summit to enable them to get to and from home and/or work. These areas are yet to be determined as planning continues.


For further information about the accreditation process, please contact the Accreditation Team.

Engagement Groups