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G20 Sherpa Heather Smith

Dr Heather Smith was appointed Deputy Secretary, G20 Sherpa in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in September 2013. Prior to this time, Dr Smith had responsibility in the department for economic, industry, infrastructure, environment and strategic policy matters in her role as Deputy Secretary, Economic and Strategy when she joined in May 2013.

In August 2010, Dr Smith was appointed Deputy Secretary in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with responsibility for the Americas and Africa, North Asia, international security issues, G20 and the international economy, and information technology issues.

In February 2005, Dr Smith was appointed Deputy Director-General, Office of National Assessments with responsibility, at various times, for North Asia, South Asia, the Pacific, transnational issues, international economic issues, corporate issues, and Executive and foreign intelligence coordination.

Between 2003-2005, Dr Smith held positions at the Australian Treasury as General Manager, G20 and APEC Secretariat and General Manager, International Economy Division.

From 2000-2003, she was Assistant Director-General, International Economy Branch, Office of National Assessments.

Before joining the public service, Dr Smith was an academic working on North Asia at the Australian National University, holding various positions from 1994-2000. She also worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia from 1988-1990.

Dr Smith holds a Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours) from the University of Queensland and a Masters and PhD in Economics from the Australian National University.

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