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Finance Deputy Barry Sterland

Barry Sterland (PSM) is the Executive Director (International) of the Macroeconomic Group in the Australian Treasury. In this role he leads the Treasury’s international economic policy development and engagement, including representing Australia as the G20 Finance Deputy.   

He joined the Treasury as an Executive Director in July 2011, responsible for policy coordination and governance, and began his current role in August 2012. The Treasury was familiar ground to him after joining as a graduate in 1989 and holding various positions throughout the 1990s working on macroeconomic, labour market and budget policies.

Barry had spent a decade in Senior Executive roles in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet prior to his appointment to the Treasury in 2011. In these roles he worked on climate change policy, headed the Cabinet Secretariat, completed a major review of Cabinet process and led budget and fiscal policy development.

He has also held positions in the Australian Greenhouse Office and the Department of Climate Change.

In 2010 Barry received a Public Service Medal for his work on climate change policy. In 1998 he received a Fulbright Scholarship and in 1999 he completed a Masters Degree in Public Policy at Princeton University. He also holds a Bachelor of Agriculture Economics with first class honours from Sydney University.

Barry is passionate about the contribution that the G20 can make to world economic stability and is committed to delivering a successful G20 in Australia’s host year.

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